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Western Cultured seeds,

We think the quality of cannabis is not just the THC content IN the flowers

These are the terpenes that give the flower its aromatic flavor and its benefits. From clone to harvest, Western Cultured’s fine craft cannabis is given lots of love.

Their flower is hand-trimmed with a two-week cure to provide maximum flavor. They fill with nitrogen and seal their packaging immediately afterwards, ensuring their customers receive the freshest and tastiest flower in the Pacific Northwest.

Our seed selection


Gather your friends, strap on your explorer boots, don your chef hat or unleash your inner artist.


Name hails from Amsterdam but it’s been a popular strain in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska for decades.


Crack open a fresh bag of awesome Kraken Black Pepper for a bold, peppery smoke that delivers the goods in both flavor and experience


Exhale and discover a hearty smoke with a grape taste finish, light touch of fresh mountain meadows and a robust woodsy aroma.

The wheel of taste

We have intuitively categorized strains based on spicy, acidic, earthy and sweet flavor profiles. With specific strain profiles and flavors offering up both a visual and taste delineation.

Whether it’s a bitter SeaTown Lemon Haze, spicy PermaFrost, sweet Island Breeze or Jurassic OGK earthy, Western Cultured varieties are perfect for every palette. Its flavor wheel emits flavors, notes and nuances that you may not even know.

Western Cultured partners with the best processors in the industry to create a wide variety of products that offer the tastiest concentrates available.

Its partners specialize in light hydrocarbon and CO2 extraction technologies.

Other partners manufacture terpene-enriched oil cartridges using distillation methods that smell and taste just like their best-known fl ores strains.

Its two-pack pre-rolls are one hundred percent kief and fl ores. No stems, no clippings. Your expert team sorts the flower by hand before a double grinding and hand-rolled process. Each pre-roll infused with kief weighs .5 grams, using only naturally and organic roll papers for a smoke that is easy to share.

Based in rural Arlington, voted “the friendliest city” in Washington state, Western Cultured feeds on the fertile land and spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Perfectly located in the former Bayliner Boat Company building complex, Western Cultured has found its home in a 4,200 m2 processing and production facility.

With its Level 2 i502 license, a four-hundred-light installation, and a reservoir system that perfectly distills and heats water, Western Cultured growers express their love every time they manually water and review each plant. With all this love, Western Cultured produces approximately 40 to 45 kg of quality artisanal cannabis each month.